6 Month Programme

This programme is similar to the 12 month course, but is geared towards individuals who are unable to afford to pay the fees for the 12 month course and/or would prefer to start working after 6 months as opposed to 12.  Like the 12 month course, this programme is catered to individuals who have little to no experience in the hairdressing industry, but have the passion and dedication necessary to fulfill the requirements of the programme.  The course work is divided between practical and theoretical components.  Students are typically in class for 5 days per week for 5 hours per day. 

After having completed their course work, students then must complete a learnership for twenty-four to thirty months at a Royal Hairstyles Salon.  If there are not available spaces at a Royal Hairstyles Salon, then the students will be placed in a learnership at another reputable establishment.  After having completed the course work and learnership based on SSETA standards, each student's name will be submitted to SSETA to take the trade test.  Once he/she has passed the trade test, the student will be officially certified as a hairdresser.  Royal Hairstyles offers placement services to its students to ensure employment post graduation.

The price covers the following: tuition, books, uniform, equipment, assessments, use of products, use of salon equipment, use of hairpieces.