Course Content: Basic skincare, Product knowledge, Essential tools, Skin types and conditions, Introduction to make-up, Facial shapes, Day make-up, Night make-up, Wedding make-up, Ramp make-up, Countouring, Sterilization of kit.

Course Duration: 2 Weeks
Price: R9,690 (includes full make-up kit)

Nail Systems – Gel Nails

Course Content: Basic manicure, Nail diseases, Overlay application, Tip application, Fills and removal

Course Duration: 3 Days
Price: R3,648 (includes kit)

Nail Systems - Acrylic Dip

Course Content: Overlays, Tip overlays, Fills and removal

Course Duration: 1 Day
Price: R1,767 (includes kit)
NOTE: This course is aimed at experienced professionals.

Eyelash Extension Course

Course Content: Eyelash application, Eyebrow shape, Eyebrow tint, Eyelash tint,

Course Duration: 2 Days
Price: R3,751 (includes kit)